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statek Samotín


Samotín was founded at the beginning of the18th century on the territory of the former Nové Město dominion. The village arose on a place called “Na Samotíně” (In a secluded place) by clearing the forest. The reason for the extensive forest clearing  was the ever-increasing demand for charcoal that was covering needs of the flowering production in the ironworks of the Nové Město dominion. In 1717 the owners of the Nové Město dominion allowed to build houses and cultivate the surrounding land. In 1735 Countess Hohenzollern, the then superior of the Nové Město dominion, had the area surveyed and assigned duties towards the lords to the settlers, which in fact marked the establishment of present-day Samotín. Since 1767 Samotín has had its own seal depicting a hare at a conifer and the shining sun above it.

Besides the occurrence of fairies and dryads on the nearby meadows and the presence of elves and wood ghosts in the local forests there used to be seen a monstrous Black dog who would keep pawing the ground where there had been a cave-in of miners. People say that it was a bewitched, evil and avaricious shift foreman, who had caused the death of miners in the Samotín drift and who had met his death in one of the shifts as well. The phantom of the dog has gone for good only after the butcher from Sněžné, who had decided to relieve local people from the black phantom, hit the back of the attacking Black dog with his flail, which had been consecrated with three signs of the cross made by holy water. The dog gave a terrible howl and vanished. Since that time anybody could walk past the former drift without being afraid.

Given the location of Samotín there was the supporting point of the partisan group Záře in 1944 – 1945.

A rather recent local legend arose around herbal liquor called Samotínský vánek (The breeze of Samotín), which used to be produced and sold in the Samotín inn by innkeeper Mr. Tlustoš.

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