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statek Samotín


The history of our farmhouse started to unwind in the 19th century. It presents an example of more than two centuries old architecture of this region. The farmhouse – cottage acquired its exclusivity after a sensitive reconstruction, which fulfils any demands on living in the 21st century, but at the same time preserving the added historical value that can be smelled in literally every corner of the building and situating the farmhouse into the most picturesque valley in the very heart of the Vysocina region in the village of Samotín – one of the last, almost forgotten spots of the virgin nature. The altitude of the village is 730 m, but the surrounding rocks called Dráteničky (Drátník), Malínská rock and Lisovská rock reach up to 811 m above sea level. Samotín is situated about 14 km north of Nové Město na Moravě nearby the villages Kadov, Sněžné, Milovy and Blatiny.

10-12 osob, garážová stání, krb, sauna

The farmhouse is surrounded by large estates including an adjacent forest that belongs to the farmhouse. The layout of the building with its enclosed yard ensures perfect privacy for 10 – 12 guests, who can use a luxurious living room with a fireplace, a dining room and a fully equipped kitchen including stylish tiled stove on the ground floor of the residential part. Furthermore, there are a bedroom, a bathroom with a bath, a washing machine and a separate toilet on the ground floor. On the first floor there are a large common area, three bedrooms and a common bathroom with a shower and a toilet. The residential part of the building is connected with the utility premises of the farmhouse by an archway, which can be used for storing bicycles and other sports equipment. There is also an unheated lounge with a centrally placed barbecue and a place to get together. There is a large sauna with a shower and a separate toilet in one of the utility rooms. In the inner part of the farmhouse there is a large enclosed grass courtyard.

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